Trump, deception, and confusion.

I have been weary of Trump since day one of his 2016 run for President.  Since I’m not a professional journalist I do not want to take the time to compile all of my evidence.  I’ll simply lay down a soft argument that explains my position.

Trump has made a career out of branding lately.  Even the Trump University was more of a name then something he partook in daily operations of.  You can research for yourself his business of marketing and branding.  It’s not a far stretch to think that he could have colluded with establishment politicians to market their names and campaigns.

For starters, Trump was awarded the contract for the old Post Office in DC which is no small awarding.  The head of the GSA at the time was a pretty strong leaning Democrat who for supposedly non-related issues resigned the following month.  At that time Trump’s most publicly visible issue was his stance on getting Obama’s birth certificate.  I’m unsure of who the largest supporters of that issue were but one thing is certain: it became Trump’s issue publicly.  Once the issue became Trump’s, the White House provided a copy on a split-screen interview with Trump and he then completely dropped the issue.  Granted Trump was involved in an issue that could be damaging to Obama but he’s also the one who put it to bed.  You must ask yourself if Trump’s involvement helped or hurt Obama regarding the birth certificate, I suppose we don’t know.  It does seem strange though that shortly following the ordeal an Obama appointed Democrat awards his organization the real estate.  Furthermore, there have been rumors circulating that Bill Clinton had encouraged Trump’s involvement with the GOP as a politician.

I’ve heard from campaign strategists, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush that it’s best to give your opponents something to hate on you for then to have them come up with something themselves.  Having said that, I don’t think Trump’s accusation of Jeb Bush as “low energy” is nearly as damaging as nearly anything else one can imagine.  He could have pounded home the message that “we’ve had enough Clinton’s and Bush’s in the White House”.  He could have tied Jeb more to his brother who has low polling numbers.  Instead he gives him a stigma that’s easy to overcome.  Could that be because he helped Jeb Bush market himself as something other then just another Bush?

The results of the 2016 election should bring a lot of this into further focus for me.  Right now I am fairly sure that if it’s not the case, one can easily be made to suggest that Trump is running as a favor to the establishment and in particular the Democrats.  After all Trump himself has in the past said that he’s more of a Democrat then a Republican.  We also know how much him and Obama “love golf”.

I addressed in my last post some of the reasons I think that the establishment would want this.  Largely because they want to squash anything like a Hitler coming into power.  Some of Trump’s campaign and Hitler’s campaign are similar.  Even the opposition is starkly similar, such as the “Never Trump” movement which is basically “Never Again” in different words.  Then calling Syrians “Trojan Horses” just like Nazi’s did to Jews.  Its as if Trump can embody whatever his financiers dislikes, then dispel the entire thing.  Makes me even wonder about the GOP building that was burned down.  Perhaps I’m connecting dots that aren’t correct.  Time will tell, or it will not.  For now I am not a Trump supporter and he’s the last person I think that should be running this campaign.  I am however a Republican, for now.


Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued


Lately not much else has weighed as heavy on my mind as the 2016 election.  I’m fascinated with Democracy and the various forms it’s manifested around the world.  Some Democracies are blatantly working for the organized minority while some concede a little more choice to the people.  From what I’m seeing in the world today, the powerful are pretty good at managing public opinion if not managing the processes within their Democracy.  I feel as if this election cycle is deliberate class for the American electorate by our establishment.  While many of our elite feel they are educating the electorate, I feel they are bringing the population to heel, or subduing them.

Our establishment has had quite some time to prepare for this election.  We’ve seen the “Trump movement” in nearly the exact same form take place all throughout Europe for quite some time now.  One county after the other has fought against the current of globalism as it’s been.  All one has to do is research elections and votes in Hungary, France, Britain, Germany, and basically all of the EU for the past several years to get the idea.  It’s not far-fetched to realize that if a candidate in 2016 decided to use rhetoric that’s been used in Europe that they’d gain serious traction.

This “populist” movement has been a topic of discussion for every one in the worlds power establishments.  Many NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) have hosted panel discussions with top economists, business leaders, and politicians to discuss the situation.  Much of the discussion can be found on Youtube with a simple search line such as “Europe’s turn to the right”.  With much information found online I wonder what discussions are behind closed doors with those who hold even more influence then the ones you can find commenting online.  When I started listening to the various discussions I began to understand what elements the elite liked about it and what elements they disdained.  I also began listening to and learning what many in our government were saying regarding America’s role in the movement.

Currently our establishment is planning on Trump maxing out at around 40 percent of the vote.  It would make sense for a behind-closed-doors agreement where the GOP holds Congress and the Democratic party elects Hillary.  Obviously there would be agreements on the Supreme Court nominations and timing for them as well as other agreements.  America had time to hedge it’s bet and let the politics of cabinet positions shake into place.  We can have a Party establishment candidate run against controlled opposition as the voice of this populist movement.  The opposition, Trump, does accept money and property (DC Post Office) for letting people use his celebrity.  So much of his business is  in his name.  Even Trump University was essentially a sham run by a Jewish couple in Florida, from what I understand.  Trump’s also, I want to say, extremely far from the core of his base supporters within the movement.  Those who’d stop at nothing to jail opponents, deport all recent immigrants, build fortifying walls, and mandate morals.  His most crude comments are far less serious then what I’ve heard from standard guys talking after Church or on a smoke break.  It’s the rhetoric that he plays with though.  He’s glancing the nerve so to speak but not touching.  This Trump v Clinton is a win-win for our establishment.  They get to have their America elect the first woman President and reeducate the population on how we need to continue voting for them.  As a top GOP strategist has been on record saying, the GOP will reeducate their base on the proper criteria for selecting a candidate and if they have to lose some support then so be it.  Without a sense of empowerment, that segment of the electorate will most likely stop voting and therefore lose their voice in America’s future.  It’s the establishment completely subduing a segment of the American population.


This is just my current opinion.  I have multiple ideas about what could happen this year.  This isn’t about my political beliefs of desires, it’s just my opinion of what I think others are doing within our country at the moment.



Behind Closed Doors (Trump 2016 & my predictions)


It’s hard to know for sure what goes on in the closed chambers of Congress, the dinner parties, the NGO event meetings, etc.  If you’re not very well-connected, then you probably can’t guess for sure what is going on this year.  One thing however, is starting to become apparent.  Trump’s campaign is huge.  He’s working deals with every one.  When he first started this campaign, those of us who aren’t already programmed to be sensationalized, heard what he was saying.  Take this idea and implement it, take that idea and implement it.  Talk to the people who have implemented things and if it worked then use it, and put them in charge.  He doesn’t like that America seems to be inefficient in its bureaucracies and sides with business interests more than National interests.  It’s also apparent that he doesn’t like special interest and big money who expect results.  Special interests were quite upset at President George W. Bush and ran a very successful smear campaign against him.  The truth of the matter is, if you want to see why the Trump campaign is important you can just look to a President who tried to do good and got smeared.  Who lobbied Bush to create the Homeland Defense besides the American people?  No one.  Was it the Koch brothers who lobbied Bush to create PEPFAR?  A program saving millions of lives in Africa and is being praised by all those involved, to include Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation.  I will refrain from too much digression but what the medical companies did to the American tax payer through the PEPFAR program before the Clinton foundation got involved is exactly why Trump’s economic strategy would indeed eliminate billions from our spending and lower or eliminate our debt.

With Chris Christie’s endorsement I was forced to look at Trump seriously.  Chris’ defense of Trump during the ravaging media interviews is quite logical.  I can see how an emotionally charged person would black out the pertinent information and only hear what they want, but there’s without a doubt logical substance.  Trump says build a wall.  Maybe that’s what he want’s and he doesn’t care what the Mexican government thinks.  Mexico, who by the way knowingly send tons and tons of deadly life ruining drugs through our border.  What does Mexico do to stop the flow of immigrants, drugs, and weapons at the border?  Nothing.  When it comes to the border, Jeb Bush has written the book on immigration, literally.  No one wants to deport families, not even Ted Cruz.  In fact Ted Cruz’s responses to deportation questions sure sound a lot like Hillary’s.  Perhaps Trump is indeed logical and will use the experts in immigration to come up with a logical solution oppose to the current no-border solution.

If you’re already in black out rage mode from the bombardment of issues that you might slightly disagree with than you’ve proven another one of the reasons for the importance of Trumps campaign.  Combating political correctness.  I work with the public as a small business owner.  I would probably lose a ton of customers if they knew I liked Trump.  Republican and Democrat customers come in and tell me that Trump is a racist Nazi and that he would bankrupt our country.  Of course they can never hold a conversation about it outside of feelings.  Never facts of specifics.  Which is exactly what they say Trump lacks.  I am honestly forced to think that it is a borderline psychosis that’s an epidemic at the moment.  People are so emotionally charged on issues that they seem to know little to nothing about.  Trump makes statements all the time that are not one way or the other but aimed directly at this epidemic.  I fear for people who still think college campuses are places of knowledge and wisdom.  Sure you learn a couple of things and get training to work in some field, but any one can learn things.  Stupid people get degrees too.  This elitism that many feel about colleges could very well lead to our decline as a country  For this reason alone I’m in love with the Trump campaign and would love to see more people fight this battle.  I don’t expect the Lew Wasserman’s or Aviv Nevo’s of the world start changing their tactics.  The media companies sure do like to test the bounds of “free speech”.  Using proven propagandist techniques and priming techniques which are proven to influence behavior.  Sure they can get away with using strategies that are proven to change a person’s behavior in large-scale operations and brainwash people against living good lives.  They promote lyrics that are so degrading to women that when brought to congress the company representatives refuse to say the lyrics out loud they are so horrid.  And the American public is totally fine with songs about degrading young white bitches and glorifying rape, drugs, and violence.  But dear lord Trump can’t say that a woman is probably more upset then normal because of PMS.  Or he can’t say that some Mexican immigrants commit rape.  Political correctness is a psychosis people.

Basically Trump’s message is apparent.  I’m unsure of whether or not he would actually take the position of President or find some shady way to finagle some one else into the office who won’t have to answer to special interest.

Right now I have 3 prediction but things could change.  “Anything could happen” has been the theme of David Axelrod this election season.

  1.  I see Trump getting the GOP nomination and losing to Hillary in the general as the most likely situation.  After losing he will try to mend the Republican party and probably unite them behind some one else.  The Republicans will lose with grace and concede to the moderate Hillary who shouldn’t be as radical in her appointments as Obama.  She might also follow the law, unlike the Obama administration and Justice Department.  Meanwhile the GOP will begin ground work to take the nomination away from Hillary in 4 years, not 8.  Due to her age, I’m sure she won’t mind.  This is the most likely situation since many Americans still think that the Republicans are a party of rich crooks who oppose change.  They also believe that Democrats are on their side.  Both are false beliefs in many ways.
  2. I see a contested convention where Jeb Bush comes out on top.  Jeb would probably pick a female as VP, think SC.  This is where big money would have to come in.  Jeb is an outstanding candidate and has a lot to offer if voters get over themselves and his last name.  Jeb would probably beat Hillary in the general. This prediction would also include the following in place of Jeb: Rubio or Kasich.  It’s highly unlikely that a Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney will get involved.  Out of all these men, Jeb has put in the most work traveling and preparing.
  3. Trump wins GOP nomination and then the Presidency.  He brings in the establishment to help him run the country but does so making it seem anti-establishment.  Maybe it will be slightly less cronyism.

Don’t forget the young Marco this year.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.  Although next time it might not be the sweaty, water drinking, fictional Rubio.  It might be a Rubio who will actually have a record on top of his first class theatrics.  Perhaps in 4-5 years maybe…

JEB! WTF Just Happened? …and who can win the General?


What we saw from the Jeb! camp this year was great branding for the Bush dynasty and conservative policy making.  This election season (season as in a TV show season) is all about who will shake up establishment politics and fight with energy for principles aligned with the American public.  It’s also about battling political correctness, inspiring voters to vote, and branding of political ideas and people.  We see this from both parties almost as if they were working together.

At first I was on the Jeb bandwagon and thought that he could beat Hillary in a general.  I was really only worried about his overcoming the Bush name and how that would hurt him in the Primary or against Sanders in the General.  With Bernie I was worried about his Yuge support among the younger and more importantly, the excitable crowds.  Most of all I wanted to see how the elite would pull it off.  I felt like I was watching Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick and the Patriots in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.  Trying to overcome a crushing first 3 quarters.  I wanted to see the great American elites figure out how to get a Bush elected, in 2016.  What I didn’t understand was that while they are smart, they’re not miracle workers.  Jeb’s “super funded” campaign aired practically no commercials and had no surface area on the net compared to the other candidates.  That was my first clue something was going on.  He just had a few really compelling and well made videos, the type that actually make since to conservative leaders.  For a while now, politicians have benefited from throwing their own blood to the sharks.  If you can frame your weaknesses before the opposition can then you can prepare for winning the battle at a much higher probability.  I saw that being done to Jeb and even saw that Trump was helping him, not hurting him.  With titles like “low energy”, “momma’s boy”, “smarter than his brother”, “too nice”, “policy nerd”, etc.  All this framing accomplishes nothing insurmountable in the least.  Jeb wasn’t even trying to run away from this framing, that should have been my second and final clue something else was happening.  In retrospect I can see that his campaign, with the help of Trump, created amazing buzz phrases that work towards chipping away all of the flack that George W Bush is associated with.  This branding of course opens the door for “2.0” as Jeb calls him, or any other Bush down the road.  They will not have to over come George’s buzz phrases, they’ll simply have to overcome the stigma of “low energy”.  All the pundits and internet commenters with limited memory for history will be talking about how much XYZ Bush has so much more energy and fortitude then Jeb did.  How hard XYZ Bush fights for his/her principles compared to Jeb, who was a “really smart guy, especially compared to George”.  I’m still impressed with the Jeb camp and might even support another Bush when the time comes, and it will.

Now that the Republican field has dwindled and everyone has to pick between Cruz and Rubio, or a guy who has no intention of being President, things will start clearing up.  We’ll see a transition to talking about real issues, probably with the help of the media once Carson, the last outsider, is out of the race.  Trump’s hilarious war on political correctness will begin to lose traction and we’ll see that shenanigans have a short half-life in our elections this year.  When the General comes around we will begin seeing videos of how hard Cruz fights for issues he believes so as to counter Hillary’s framing.  With so much at stake this election it’s hard to imagine the election not going to Cruz hands down.  He has a dark shadow over him at the moment but when that is removed the “golden boy” will appear and save us from a liberal Supreme Court, the war on religion, threats to the constitution, crony politics, and much more.  His one weak spot will be foreign policy when facing Hillary but we did see Obama win twice in a row.  I doubt the elites can’t overcome that small hurdle when Hillary has been smeared so badly.  Her dark shadow will be much harder to overcome this season and for the same reason Ted’s will vanish.

I must add that American’s did vote for Obama.  Having said that, we can’t rule out Rubio as a potential victor just because he offers absolutely no record or resume whatsoever.  Americans seem to vote on looks first, personality second, rhetoric third tied maybe with joke telling ability.  A true track record probably isn’t something the irrational masses of people want anyway.  I must admit Rubio has all the criteria to get an irrational American electorate to vote for him.  I also worry that Rubio can’t beat Hillary, but I think it’s more that he shouldn’t not that he cant.  Once the media and elite start their tricks they can elect whoever they choose.

General election wish: Cruz (or Rubio) over Hillary for sure, but close enough to make Hillary come out still looking respectable.

Commentary on John H. McWhorter | Losing the Race: Black Progress, Freedom, and Independence

Link to the video on Youtube:

“The inner-city is Americas largest problem…” John H. McWhorter

I want to do a commentary on this lecture for several reasons.  I believe McWhorter is the embodiment of an individual that would be found living in a society that lacks illogical race-biases.  He sees all people for what and who they are.  Upon having a conversation with me he would not first notice I am white and I with him being black.  In fact we’d probably only notice that difference when other people point it out.  However, it is people like McWhorter and myself who are attacked for being racist and biggots.  Race relations are so complex because of how complex human genetics and communication are.

If a bad idea appeals as virtuous or to some other aspect of the human condition it can flourish overnight and create more biases then existed previously.

I also chose to write a commentary because he has brought up several points which I would like to highlight in hopes of swaying peoples’ minds back towards the light and away from current trends.  I believe that our racial divides stem from what one of the audience members points out.  Societal abandonment of lower class, inner city, blacks.  To fix this problem an integration needs to take place, and it will not be pretty or fast.

Media Narrative:  The narrative nowadays in the Media is the largest counter to effective to racial acceptance and progress.  It’s amazing that the Ben Carsons and Neil deGrassee Tysons of the world are the only non-thug blacks that the Media will gravitate too which creates the narrative that only extremely gifted blacks can break through the “oppressive society” we live in.  What about the large number of middle class blacks that send their kids to private schools and live like normal contributing members of society?  Do we know about them or does the Media ever portray them in their narrative building?  Or do they focus on the exceptional and the violent?  1964 was the divide that started these narratives which began building after the Tulsa situation. Think of how many TV shows portray an average group of people that care for their children, reads books, study, and EARN a living.  If a TV show or form of media like that exists it certainly doesn’t portray whites and blacks as culturally similar(read: equal).  Racism must be the explanation for everything the black community does according to the narrative.  It’s a natural response in our society to forgive and overlook all of the black failures in our society.  As pointed out by McWhorter, Tupac is the go-to-guy for morals yet “…basically he got himself shot.”  It was Tupac’s infatuation with gang life, guns, abusing women, hating oppressive whites, hating of history and education, and trash talking is what got him killed.  No pity-party needed, we need to call him damaged goods and move on.  No successful human I’ve met that is a contributing member to society ACTs the way Tupac did in his life.  Media likes to point out that blacks constitute almost all of the PRISON inmates instead of focusing on the fact that they commit almost all of the CRIMES.  In my city, almost all of the fatal shootings are inner city blacks shooting other blacks or are drug related.  You only hear about it when it happens then it gets swept under the rug and becomes so hard to find information about it researchers have to spend years writing books to highlight the issue, then they get somewhat tainted in the process and contribute some to the racial divide (think White Girl Bleed A Lot).

Police integration:  Do you think that the police will act better under camera or that the people in the city who harass cops and frequently ignore and disrespect the police will begin to behave better?  It’s obvious that Giuliani and other body camera supporters are in-the-know as to who the body cameras are to be monitoring and scaring into acing appropriately.  Why is it that we create then a society that ignores that fact and lies saying there is “police brutality” and that’s the root of the problem?  That is a band-aid to a much larger social problem.  This lie prevents talking about the problems which in turn creates a structural bias that prevents proper societal dialogue from progressing and removing these biases.

White Guilt:  McWhorter made one statement in particular that struck a chord with me and reverberates throughout every aspect of what I see in human relations.  That the “person you pity is some one you might like, but not some one you respect”. He mentions this in discussing how “white-guilt” (specifically the brand that I believe has flourished after the social elites interpreting of the book An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy) has become more harmful then helpful to the black community.  I often encounter this problem in dealings with liberals whom I believe are more surface level aware of race then I am.  The ones who first notice race, then the person, oppose to person then the race (not good when narratives come into play sub-consciously).  This has bled over to create some extremely non-progressive programs like Affirmative Action which tries guaranteeing results and not opportunity (opportunity being the more complex and tougher problem to fix, one which isn’t as glamorous or simple enough for average voters to understand in time for election season.)  In what other aspect of society, besides race relations, is pity a successful replacement for helping when it comes to making us all contributing members in loving society.

Schooling:  We’re all sponges of culture, this is fact and can be proven many ways.  For whatever reasons this common sense was proven after blame needed to be placed for detainee torcher allegations were raised from Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The Stanford Prison Experiment conclusively proved that environmental factors contribute in large part (if not entirely) to ones actions.  Therefore if a structure, social or physical, is in place that could create bias, then an individual has very little ability to counter the prevailing bias.  This causes only those extremely gifted in one thing or another the ability to break from these biases.  What McWhorter suggests is causing the large scale black disparity in education is the same thing that’s now bleeding over to the society at large.  Our media for instance – which has an entire academic discipline devoted to it, as misguided as it may be – creates the narrative of a successful and educated black person as trying to be white, homosexual, or as an Uncle Tom.  Thanks to ignorant viewers and either mischievous or ignorant gate keepers within the media, nowadays the only educated and straight standing males are gay or social rejects (think Big Bang Theory).  Yet stroll down any “Self Help” section of a book store and you’ll find that people are needing to be told that it’s okay to be smart, they just need to find a role model.  Is this structure really leveling the playing field or is it causing negative consequences?  Why is the intellectual / educated individual v popular culture individual gap starting to look like the Black v White gaps of the past?  Pop culture makes it seem that in order to be cool you have to listen to socially destructive music, degrade other groups people that are different from yourself, live for the moment(think rap lyrics and Budweiser advertising), and stay far away from real education and books.  The Book The Shape of the River: Long-term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions sheds light on the after effects of Affirmative action as it stands now.  While most reviews of the book seem to be from those who’ve only read the flap, the books contents clearly display that this program is lowering standards.  McWhorter points out one reviewers comment stating that “it’s important for blacks to be in selective institutions as an OBJECT lesson for the other students…”.  Really?  Do you think that a normal black couple would want their kids to be accepted into a college to serve as an object lesson to the white kids?  That in turn would create black-backlash further separating the racial divide.

McWhorter points out the success blacks are having academically in Charter schools.  His response to a specific question didn’t allow for much conversation.  He believes it’s due to the avoidance of the narratives of blacks not being academically inclined that persists in many more racially diverse schools.  It’s because of this I support segregation on many levels at this time while leveling opportunity.  Although he does call for a changing of the word segregation since it’s tied to a problematic history, I agree.  Today there is nothing wrong with an all black Charter School if the result is that more blacks within that community receive a good education and have better integration rates into the larger society.

Questions at the end:  The 80 year old gentleman who mentions that black lower class members have been isolated and ignored by American society hit the nail on the head.  I fear the a re-introduction as-is will cause the well-intentioned yet ignorant WHITE Americans on the side of white heritage (which I am, I love my white heritage) to display backlash in their thinking and actions.  If we dress this up as post 1974 “diversity is great” mentalities then todays rewards to politicians like former French President Nicolas Sarkozy who operate publicly under this narrative it will give rise to white supremacy groups.  I hear in our housing development organizations all the time nowadays that rewards are given to those who can identify “racial segregation” under this narrative on a map and come up with solutions to “enforce” racial diversity in those areas.  When certain white members of society find out that the government is going to enforce them to live next to blacks they pull from the Medias narrative of the violent blacks and will naturally want to revert to racism of days past.  If instead they learned that there are blacks already living near by who go to similar schools and churches and that these blacks have more in common to themselves then it would be a non-issue.