Behind Closed Doors (Trump 2016 & my predictions)


It’s hard to know for sure what goes on in the closed chambers of Congress, the dinner parties, the NGO event meetings, etc.  If you’re not very well-connected, then you probably can’t guess for sure what is going on this year.  One thing however, is starting to become apparent.  Trump’s campaign is huge.  He’s working deals with every one.  When he first started this campaign, those of us who aren’t already programmed to be sensationalized, heard what he was saying.  Take this idea and implement it, take that idea and implement it.  Talk to the people who have implemented things and if it worked then use it, and put them in charge.  He doesn’t like that America seems to be inefficient in its bureaucracies and sides with business interests more than National interests.  It’s also apparent that he doesn’t like special interest and big money who expect results.  Special interests were quite upset at President George W. Bush and ran a very successful smear campaign against him.  The truth of the matter is, if you want to see why the Trump campaign is important you can just look to a President who tried to do good and got smeared.  Who lobbied Bush to create the Homeland Defense besides the American people?  No one.  Was it the Koch brothers who lobbied Bush to create PEPFAR?  A program saving millions of lives in Africa and is being praised by all those involved, to include Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation.  I will refrain from too much digression but what the medical companies did to the American tax payer through the PEPFAR program before the Clinton foundation got involved is exactly why Trump’s economic strategy would indeed eliminate billions from our spending and lower or eliminate our debt.

With Chris Christie’s endorsement I was forced to look at Trump seriously.  Chris’ defense of Trump during the ravaging media interviews is quite logical.  I can see how an emotionally charged person would black out the pertinent information and only hear what they want, but there’s without a doubt logical substance.  Trump says build a wall.  Maybe that’s what he want’s and he doesn’t care what the Mexican government thinks.  Mexico, who by the way knowingly send tons and tons of deadly life ruining drugs through our border.  What does Mexico do to stop the flow of immigrants, drugs, and weapons at the border?  Nothing.  When it comes to the border, Jeb Bush has written the book on immigration, literally.  No one wants to deport families, not even Ted Cruz.  In fact Ted Cruz’s responses to deportation questions sure sound a lot like Hillary’s.  Perhaps Trump is indeed logical and will use the experts in immigration to come up with a logical solution oppose to the current no-border solution.

If you’re already in black out rage mode from the bombardment of issues that you might slightly disagree with than you’ve proven another one of the reasons for the importance of Trumps campaign.  Combating political correctness.  I work with the public as a small business owner.  I would probably lose a ton of customers if they knew I liked Trump.  Republican and Democrat customers come in and tell me that Trump is a racist Nazi and that he would bankrupt our country.  Of course they can never hold a conversation about it outside of feelings.  Never facts of specifics.  Which is exactly what they say Trump lacks.  I am honestly forced to think that it is a borderline psychosis that’s an epidemic at the moment.  People are so emotionally charged on issues that they seem to know little to nothing about.  Trump makes statements all the time that are not one way or the other but aimed directly at this epidemic.  I fear for people who still think college campuses are places of knowledge and wisdom.  Sure you learn a couple of things and get training to work in some field, but any one can learn things.  Stupid people get degrees too.  This elitism that many feel about colleges could very well lead to our decline as a country  For this reason alone I’m in love with the Trump campaign and would love to see more people fight this battle.  I don’t expect the Lew Wasserman’s or Aviv Nevo’s of the world start changing their tactics.  The media companies sure do like to test the bounds of “free speech”.  Using proven propagandist techniques and priming techniques which are proven to influence behavior.  Sure they can get away with using strategies that are proven to change a person’s behavior in large-scale operations and brainwash people against living good lives.  They promote lyrics that are so degrading to women that when brought to congress the company representatives refuse to say the lyrics out loud they are so horrid.  And the American public is totally fine with songs about degrading young white bitches and glorifying rape, drugs, and violence.  But dear lord Trump can’t say that a woman is probably more upset then normal because of PMS.  Or he can’t say that some Mexican immigrants commit rape.  Political correctness is a psychosis people.

Basically Trump’s message is apparent.  I’m unsure of whether or not he would actually take the position of President or find some shady way to finagle some one else into the office who won’t have to answer to special interest.

Right now I have 3 prediction but things could change.  “Anything could happen” has been the theme of David Axelrod this election season.

  1.  I see Trump getting the GOP nomination and losing to Hillary in the general as the most likely situation.  After losing he will try to mend the Republican party and probably unite them behind some one else.  The Republicans will lose with grace and concede to the moderate Hillary who shouldn’t be as radical in her appointments as Obama.  She might also follow the law, unlike the Obama administration and Justice Department.  Meanwhile the GOP will begin ground work to take the nomination away from Hillary in 4 years, not 8.  Due to her age, I’m sure she won’t mind.  This is the most likely situation since many Americans still think that the Republicans are a party of rich crooks who oppose change.  They also believe that Democrats are on their side.  Both are false beliefs in many ways.
  2. I see a contested convention where Jeb Bush comes out on top.  Jeb would probably pick a female as VP, think SC.  This is where big money would have to come in.  Jeb is an outstanding candidate and has a lot to offer if voters get over themselves and his last name.  Jeb would probably beat Hillary in the general. This prediction would also include the following in place of Jeb: Rubio or Kasich.  It’s highly unlikely that a Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney will get involved.  Out of all these men, Jeb has put in the most work traveling and preparing.
  3. Trump wins GOP nomination and then the Presidency.  He brings in the establishment to help him run the country but does so making it seem anti-establishment.  Maybe it will be slightly less cronyism.

Don’t forget the young Marco this year.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing him again.  Although next time it might not be the sweaty, water drinking, fictional Rubio.  It might be a Rubio who will actually have a record on top of his first class theatrics.  Perhaps in 4-5 years maybe…


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