JEB! WTF Just Happened? …and who can win the General?


What we saw from the Jeb! camp this year was great branding for the Bush dynasty and conservative policy making.  This election season (season as in a TV show season) is all about who will shake up establishment politics and fight with energy for principles aligned with the American public.  It’s also about battling political correctness, inspiring voters to vote, and branding of political ideas and people.  We see this from both parties almost as if they were working together.

At first I was on the Jeb bandwagon and thought that he could beat Hillary in a general.  I was really only worried about his overcoming the Bush name and how that would hurt him in the Primary or against Sanders in the General.  With Bernie I was worried about his Yuge support among the younger and more importantly, the excitable crowds.  Most of all I wanted to see how the elite would pull it off.  I felt like I was watching Tom Brady, Bill Bellichick and the Patriots in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.  Trying to overcome a crushing first 3 quarters.  I wanted to see the great American elites figure out how to get a Bush elected, in 2016.  What I didn’t understand was that while they are smart, they’re not miracle workers.  Jeb’s “super funded” campaign aired practically no commercials and had no surface area on the net compared to the other candidates.  That was my first clue something was going on.  He just had a few really compelling and well made videos, the type that actually make since to conservative leaders.  For a while now, politicians have benefited from throwing their own blood to the sharks.  If you can frame your weaknesses before the opposition can then you can prepare for winning the battle at a much higher probability.  I saw that being done to Jeb and even saw that Trump was helping him, not hurting him.  With titles like “low energy”, “momma’s boy”, “smarter than his brother”, “too nice”, “policy nerd”, etc.  All this framing accomplishes nothing insurmountable in the least.  Jeb wasn’t even trying to run away from this framing, that should have been my second and final clue something else was happening.  In retrospect I can see that his campaign, with the help of Trump, created amazing buzz phrases that work towards chipping away all of the flack that George W Bush is associated with.  This branding of course opens the door for “2.0” as Jeb calls him, or any other Bush down the road.  They will not have to over come George’s buzz phrases, they’ll simply have to overcome the stigma of “low energy”.  All the pundits and internet commenters with limited memory for history will be talking about how much XYZ Bush has so much more energy and fortitude then Jeb did.  How hard XYZ Bush fights for his/her principles compared to Jeb, who was a “really smart guy, especially compared to George”.  I’m still impressed with the Jeb camp and might even support another Bush when the time comes, and it will.

Now that the Republican field has dwindled and everyone has to pick between Cruz and Rubio, or a guy who has no intention of being President, things will start clearing up.  We’ll see a transition to talking about real issues, probably with the help of the media once Carson, the last outsider, is out of the race.  Trump’s hilarious war on political correctness will begin to lose traction and we’ll see that shenanigans have a short half-life in our elections this year.  When the General comes around we will begin seeing videos of how hard Cruz fights for issues he believes so as to counter Hillary’s framing.  With so much at stake this election it’s hard to imagine the election not going to Cruz hands down.  He has a dark shadow over him at the moment but when that is removed the “golden boy” will appear and save us from a liberal Supreme Court, the war on religion, threats to the constitution, crony politics, and much more.  His one weak spot will be foreign policy when facing Hillary but we did see Obama win twice in a row.  I doubt the elites can’t overcome that small hurdle when Hillary has been smeared so badly.  Her dark shadow will be much harder to overcome this season and for the same reason Ted’s will vanish.

I must add that American’s did vote for Obama.  Having said that, we can’t rule out Rubio as a potential victor just because he offers absolutely no record or resume whatsoever.  Americans seem to vote on looks first, personality second, rhetoric third tied maybe with joke telling ability.  A true track record probably isn’t something the irrational masses of people want anyway.  I must admit Rubio has all the criteria to get an irrational American electorate to vote for him.  I also worry that Rubio can’t beat Hillary, but I think it’s more that he shouldn’t not that he cant.  Once the media and elite start their tricks they can elect whoever they choose.

General election wish: Cruz (or Rubio) over Hillary for sure, but close enough to make Hillary come out still looking respectable.


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