Daily Prompt: Subdued

via Daily Prompt: Subdued


Lately not much else has weighed as heavy on my mind as the 2016 election.  I’m fascinated with Democracy and the various forms it’s manifested around the world.  Some Democracies are blatantly working for the organized minority while some concede a little more choice to the people.  From what I’m seeing in the world today, the powerful are pretty good at managing public opinion if not managing the processes within their Democracy.  I feel as if this election cycle is deliberate class for the American electorate by our establishment.  While many of our elite feel they are educating the electorate, I feel they are bringing the population to heel, or subduing them.

Our establishment has had quite some time to prepare for this election.  We’ve seen the “Trump movement” in nearly the exact same form take place all throughout Europe for quite some time now.  One county after the other has fought against the current of globalism as it’s been.  All one has to do is research elections and votes in Hungary, France, Britain, Germany, and basically all of the EU for the past several years to get the idea.  It’s not far-fetched to realize that if a candidate in 2016 decided to use rhetoric that’s been used in Europe that they’d gain serious traction.

This “populist” movement has been a topic of discussion for every one in the worlds power establishments.  Many NGOs (Non Governmental Organization) have hosted panel discussions with top economists, business leaders, and politicians to discuss the situation.  Much of the discussion can be found on Youtube with a simple search line such as “Europe’s turn to the right”.  With much information found online I wonder what discussions are behind closed doors with those who hold even more influence then the ones you can find commenting online.  When I started listening to the various discussions I began to understand what elements the elite liked about it and what elements they disdained.  I also began listening to and learning what many in our government were saying regarding America’s role in the movement.

Currently our establishment is planning on Trump maxing out at around 40 percent of the vote.  It would make sense for a behind-closed-doors agreement where the GOP holds Congress and the Democratic party elects Hillary.  Obviously there would be agreements on the Supreme Court nominations and timing for them as well as other agreements.  America had time to hedge it’s bet and let the politics of cabinet positions shake into place.  We can have a Party establishment candidate run against controlled opposition as the voice of this populist movement.  The opposition, Trump, does accept money and property (DC Post Office) for letting people use his celebrity.  So much of his business is  in his name.  Even Trump University was essentially a sham run by a Jewish couple in Florida, from what I understand.  Trump’s also, I want to say, extremely far from the core of his base supporters within the movement.  Those who’d stop at nothing to jail opponents, deport all recent immigrants, build fortifying walls, and mandate morals.  His most crude comments are far less serious then what I’ve heard from standard guys talking after Church or on a smoke break.  It’s the rhetoric that he plays with though.  He’s glancing the nerve so to speak but not touching.  This Trump v Clinton is a win-win for our establishment.  They get to have their America elect the first woman President and reeducate the population on how we need to continue voting for them.  As a top GOP strategist has been on record saying, the GOP will reeducate their base on the proper criteria for selecting a candidate and if they have to lose some support then so be it.  Without a sense of empowerment, that segment of the electorate will most likely stop voting and therefore lose their voice in America’s future.  It’s the establishment completely subduing a segment of the American population.


This is just my current opinion.  I have multiple ideas about what could happen this year.  This isn’t about my political beliefs of desires, it’s just my opinion of what I think others are doing within our country at the moment.




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