Trump, deception, and confusion.

I have been weary of Trump since day one of his 2016 run for President.  Since I’m not a professional journalist I do not want to take the time to compile all of my evidence.  I’ll simply lay down a soft argument that explains my position.

Trump has made a career out of branding lately.  Even the Trump University was more of a name then something he partook in daily operations of.  You can research for yourself his business of marketing and branding.  It’s not a far stretch to think that he could have colluded with establishment politicians to market their names and campaigns.

For starters, Trump was awarded the contract for the old Post Office in DC which is no small awarding.  The head of the GSA at the time was a pretty strong leaning Democrat who for supposedly non-related issues resigned the following month.  At that time Trump’s most publicly visible issue was his stance on getting Obama’s birth certificate.  I’m unsure of who the largest supporters of that issue were but one thing is certain: it became Trump’s issue publicly.  Once the issue became Trump’s, the White House provided a copy on a split-screen interview with Trump and he then completely dropped the issue.  Granted Trump was involved in an issue that could be damaging to Obama but he’s also the one who put it to bed.  You must ask yourself if Trump’s involvement helped or hurt Obama regarding the birth certificate, I suppose we don’t know.  It does seem strange though that shortly following the ordeal an Obama appointed Democrat awards his organization the real estate.  Furthermore, there have been rumors circulating that Bill Clinton had encouraged Trump’s involvement with the GOP as a politician.

I’ve heard from campaign strategists, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush that it’s best to give your opponents something to hate on you for then to have them come up with something themselves.  Having said that, I don’t think Trump’s accusation of Jeb Bush as “low energy” is nearly as damaging as nearly anything else one can imagine.  He could have pounded home the message that “we’ve had enough Clinton’s and Bush’s in the White House”.  He could have tied Jeb more to his brother who has low polling numbers.  Instead he gives him a stigma that’s easy to overcome.  Could that be because he helped Jeb Bush market himself as something other then just another Bush?

The results of the 2016 election should bring a lot of this into further focus for me.  Right now I am fairly sure that if it’s not the case, one can easily be made to suggest that Trump is running as a favor to the establishment and in particular the Democrats.  After all Trump himself has in the past said that he’s more of a Democrat then a Republican.  We also know how much him and Obama “love golf”.

I addressed in my last post some of the reasons I think that the establishment would want this.  Largely because they want to squash anything like a Hitler coming into power.  Some of Trump’s campaign and Hitler’s campaign are similar.  Even the opposition is starkly similar, such as the “Never Trump” movement which is basically “Never Again” in different words.  Then calling Syrians “Trojan Horses” just like Nazi’s did to Jews.  Its as if Trump can embody whatever his financiers dislikes, then dispel the entire thing.  Makes me even wonder about the GOP building that was burned down.  Perhaps I’m connecting dots that aren’t correct.  Time will tell, or it will not.  For now I am not a Trump supporter and he’s the last person I think that should be running this campaign.  I am however a Republican, for now.


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